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Municipal Fiber Networks - In-Depth Knowledge

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Municipal Fiber Networks – Joining their communities to the Broadband Economy
Integrated Broadband Solutions (IBS) helps local governments do what they do best… Build infrastructure. Local governments are looking to IBS for help in building the fiber and wireless infrastructure necessary for their communities to thrive in a broadband-focused world. This new focus is called the Broadband Economy, a term coined by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). The ICF site will help you understand what you already know…that broadband is the fourth utility and is the fourth leg of the infrastructure chair or services that must be provided within a community for it to thrive.

ICF Exert – “The Broadband Economy is the product of the build-out of low-cost, high-speed communications and information technology on both the global and local levels. It began in the 1970s, when the carriers began linking the world's economic centers with fiber optic networks. These made possible collaboration and cooperation across time zones and cultures that opened markets, boosted productivity, created employment and improved living standards.

Using the broadband infrastructure, companies began to look for opportunities to locate their facilities where they could gain the greatest advantage in terms of costs, skills and access to markets. The deployment of global broadband also made capital investment highly mobile. Trillions of US dollars move around the globe weekly in pursuit of a competitive return, and when trouble strikes a nation's economy, that mobile capital can also flee at devastating speed.

For communities, local economic success has come to depend on the global economy in ways never before imagined. But while global business may be mobile, communities are not. Communities everywhere have the same goal: to be a place where people can raise their children and give those young people enough economic opportunity to allow them to stay and raise children of their own. In the Broadband Economy, that task is more challenging than ever. “

IBS understands that every community is uniquely suited for the businesses and residents that live and work there. This means that the methodology used to build a broadband fiber and wireless network in one community will not be the same in another. One of the statements that IBS hears in almost every conversation with community leaders looking to create a network in their community is “ We don’t have the same ________ as these other communities have and we don’t have __________ like they do, so how are we going to get a network built here?”. We believe that there are no situations where one or more local subdivisions cannot acquire the resources necessary to succeed.