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Metro Fiber Networks | Integrated Broadband Solutions - Columbus, OH

The fact of the matter is that our business is all about communication. Not only are we helping local and state government better communicate with the private partners that will help them get the metro fiber networks they are looking for. But we are also playing a part in the growth of high speed communication that has led to the global stage we are all a part of today. Communication is a part of every day at Integrated Broadband Solutions, and we have found recently that it can be even more important.

In the past we have often worked hard to find private partners who will work with municipalities in order to fund new metro fiber networks, and we have had great success with it. But we have also learned that by pooling the resources of multiple communities we can approach even larger and more powerful private entities. Through the consolidation of those local resources, we can attract private partners that make the whole process smoother.

When things get to these larger levels, they can get more complicated. That’s why we offer advanced services like data center site selection and overseeing intelligent community forums. Local citizens will want to remain informed throughout the process, and we are happy to make sure they understand everything. Installing new metro fiber networks sounds expensive to most people. Call Integrated Broadband Solutions of Columbus, OH today to see how we can save your taxpayers!