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Integrated Broadband Solutions (IBS) has worked with a variety of communities or groups of communities to create a public fiber networks that facilitate robust access to data centers, cloud-based services, and “last mile” broadband internet connectivity. While local governments are not generally meant to be in the broadband business, they are very well suited to build broadband infrastructure that others can use. Communities whose business, non-profit, local government, healthcare, and education systems only have access to “lit” fiber services are often in a substantial disadvantage compared to their counterparts located within communities that can offer dark fiber assets for their use.

Federal, State, and local governments as well as healthcare networks, local and regional educational systems, colleges and universities are all looking to own their own dark fiber to light with their own equipment. This is necessary for entities like this due their increasingly strict network and security requirements. The good news for communities, is that it is becoming easier and easier to connect community networks to other regional networks, research networks, world-wide telecom carriers, multiple data centers, etc. This often allows businesses with multiple locations, to directly connect their satellite locations as well major suppliers.

Metropolitan dark fiber networks allow businesses to communicate directly to their most significant business partners without having to move their companies to do so. Dark fiber networks help communities create a more stable economic development climate that enhances business retention and promotes added long term investment in the communities. These networks are not just about letting businesses communicate with places outside the community, they allow outside businesses anywhere in the world to come into the community.