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We understand the just how frustrating it can be for communities that want to develop a stronger relationship with businesses. You need to have the infrastructure to attract them, but without the tax revenue to build it you can feel like there’s nowhere to go. We saw many of our home towns struggle with this exact problem, and eventually decided that there had to be a way for us to help. That’s when we realized what an incredible need there was for Integrated Broadband Solutions.

By learning everything we could about all of the potential sources for investment and funding from private, local, state, and federal sources, we found that the only thing stopping most communities was how complicated everything was. Not everyone has the knowledge we gained by doing so much in-depth study, and figuring it all out was beyond difficult. We knew that we could put all of this to good use and help cities and towns everywhere grow and expand.

Once we started working with people throughout the Columbus, OH area, we saw what a relief it was for them to find someone who had a real, workable solution to the problem. Many people assumed that funding was available for fiber optic networks, but without knowing where to begin looking their search was over before it began. We at Integrated Broadband Solutions have already done all of the searching for you, so call us today and you’ll see how easy it can be!

Public and Local Government Support

Integrated Broadband Solutions (IBS) is your strategic resource for specific local government broadband infrastructure initiatives or can provide a comprehensive suite of services that will coordinate the broader community connectivity picture such as: public safety, economic development, public service, IT connectivity to data centers, dark and lit fiber network access and development, fiber to the home initiatives, and many others. We understand the critical importance of increasing the capability and proficiency in all these areas. We also understand the budgetary strain that local governments deal with every day and have customized our service offerings for virtually any budget restriction.

The IBS methodology for supporting the communication infrastructure requirements of the communities we serve is to look, act, and feel like an inter-departmental coordinator, dedicated to the combined, comprehensive strategic objectives of the multiple departments operating within the government. IBS will work with a single community or we will help coordinate the efforts of a regional group of political subdivisions. We can support short term broadband planning and inventory assessment objectives, we can be retained for specific local or regional broadband project development, or we can be utilized for a longer period as a local government coordinator of multiple departmental communication objectives.

IBS understands the complex relationship between local government operational objectives and the necessity to create the right atmosphere and infrastructure for business and residential economic development.

Private Companies Seeking Strategic Partnerships with Local Government

Integrated Broadband Solutions (IBS) is always looking for companies with a sincere desire to strategically partner with local government. While communities still maintain vendor relationships in some areas of budgetary governance, most communities are seeking relationships that focus on one or more of the following:

• Increasing value to the community at reduced costs
• Support existing employee efforts to serve and perform their work more efficiently
• Help the local governments anticipate and effectively plan for the future
• Eliminate any restrictions or limitations on future decisions

Local governments are also looking to strategically partner with companies to facilitate revenue generation opportunities through infrastructure expansion or new and innovative service offerings to businesses and residents. Telecom carriers, ISP’s, and data centers may be intimidated by the prospect of strategically partnering with one or more local governments since the success of the relationship may not depend upon your standard, off the shelf product and service offerings. IBS will help its private clients to navigate these new waters by creating the right expectations, assist in repackaging existing product and service offerings, and identify likely local government partners for those services.

IBS Services Overview
    •   Identification of Local Government public and private strategic relationship opportunities
    •   Broadband planning and local government asset assessment
    •   Identification and acquisition of multiple funding sources
    •   Coordination of multiple departmental or multiple jurisdictional network communication         goals
    •   Coordinating local government objectives with regional or State of Ohio fiber and wireless         network infrastructure projects and goals
    •   Revenue generation through development and marketing of community fiber and wireless           networks to strategic partners, carriers, and other community / regional networks
    •   Public Network Dark Fiber Procurement – through sale, lease, IRU, strand swaps, over-lash         and conduit access, right of way support
    •   Public Network Lit Fiber

Additional Capabilities and Project-based Initiatives
    •   Attachment fee management and revenue generation - Utility, traffic, light pole, right of         way, ordinance process
    •   Billing Management – Electric, Gas, Telecom, IP, Cellular
    •   Disaster Recovery Planning
    •   Business Continuance Planning
    •   Fiber to the Home Planning and Assessment
    •   Fiber Network Evaluation
    •   Fiber Network Management Planning